Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Saterius Ian Roberts

The first story in our new campaign, Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies Just As We Are, is from Saterius Ian Roberts (SiR), a transgender activist, artist, teacher and single parent living in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to his artistic prowess, SiR is a tireless activist for the Trans and Gender-Queer community.

Saterius Ian Roberts, also known as "SiR"

In a world where body size, shape and figure can consume one’s outlook on life, love and relationships, and sometimes even self-identity, I choose to fight an everlasting battle with the societal “NORMS”.

I have been in a battle with weight gain for the majority of my younger years. As a child living in a large family, at times too large to go to the doctor for every little pain and or ache, I finally took charge of my life as an adult to seek medical assistance in my weight issues. Finding out that I had a bacteria in my stomach lining called “H PYLORI”, I took the medicine that was needed to cure the bacteria and I took control of my weight for the first time in my life.

I am considered over weight in the eyes of medical professionals who don’t know much about me or my medical history of what was viewed as an eating disorder. Yet, my primary care physician that I had been with since the age of 12 years old has congratulated me for being able to keep my weight on, because that was one of my many challenges in my younger years.

I am a single parent of a 12 year old little lady who is very much a fan of me NOT looking “sick” or even being sick for that matter. I have watched my family torment people about being too fat, and even people for being too skinny, when in reality the person is neither. I have dated people who were in a size 6-8 in women’s pants who cried continuously about being fat, and some who were bigger than me embrace and love their sizes and some who hated their sizes.

So “whom shall I adore?” Those who dislike or wish to change the size or shape of skin they live in?

“My body is MY canvas, and I am the artist.” – SiR


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