Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Ana Chavez


Ana Chavez

My body image has less to do with physical appearance than how I feel energetically. I enjoy being an active person so ultimately I want to cultivate a strong body that is vibrant with energy. What I am finding as I navigate taking care of my body (through nutrition, movement and exercise) is that the strength I seek goes beyond the physical changes I might see over time. And that these subtle changes are much more valuable and revealing. As a female identified person, I navigate a world filled with expectations about women’s bodies and their abilities. Part of developing my body image is about making daily choices to cultivate my ideas of strength from within rather than through the eyes of others. Finding comfort in my body is both a joy and something that demands a lot of compassion. I have to have patience with myself when despite my efforts I lack energy, strength, or I am ill and I celebrate the days I am able to enjoy feeling healthy. Those are the moments I am able to feel positive about my body image.

– Ana Chavez, NY


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