Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Nancy Nangeroni

We are honored to post this reflection on body image by Nancy Nangeroni, Chair of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and the founder and co-host of the long-running weekly radio show Gender Talk. Thank you for adding your voice to our campaign, Nancy!

Nancy Nangeroni

On Body Image:

I’m never satisfied with my body as it is. As a man, I was never big or strong enough. Now, I’m rarely womanly or small or thin enough. This discontent is a constant force in my life, driving choices of what to eat and wear, nibbling at my self-confidence.

I know I’m not unique in this. We’re all constantly reminded of our flaws by corporate marketing, so we’ll buy more product. They swamp us with messages about our need to look better, planting hurtful self-doubt deep in our hearts. They tell us our body image needs to be younger, more fit, attractive, and sexier.

I fight back as much as I can. Some days I win, some days I lose. Winning is feeling good about my body as it is, gender norms be damned. Winning is taking the time to be good to my body, because it deserves it. Winning is forgetting inadequacy and remembering that my body is a righteous and quite wonderful vessel for my spirit.

Nancy Nangeroni


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