Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Louis Mitchell

BodyImage4Justice is honored and proud to present this reflection from Louis Mitchell, long time trans activist, Minister and friend.


I have, for most of my life, tried to ignore my body. It was the thing that stood between me and the person I felt myself to be. As I socially and medically integrated myself, I still struggled with the “habit” of pretending that I didn’t have a body or that it didn’t define me. I have come to know that my “disembodied” self is as incomplete as I felt before my integration.

As I move forward on what will likely be the last quarter of my life, I want to look in the mirror and see a body that reflects the strength, character and commitment that I’ve worked so hard for in other areas of my life. My image must include, rather than try to work around, my body. As the father of a young child, I have a renewed commitment to live well and live strong for my daughter – my mind and spirit need the support of a strong and healthy body to walk with her, to run with her, to play with her.

– Louis Mitchell, Western MA


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