Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Samantha Jo

BodyImage4Justice is pleased and honored to share this story by Samantha Jo, Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Coordinator, Queen of Queens International 2010, Author of “Sami Jo: Shattered Perfect”, and Make-Up Artist MUA.


When I think of Body Imagining, I think of the earlier years of my transition from male to female and at that session in my life I ate, slept, and breathed to have my body catch up with my mind and the way I viewed myself as a beautiful woman. I focused, sacrificed and committed everything to this challenge in my life. As the process began to unfold (w/ silicone injections, breast implants, lip enhancements, a nose job, and a couple more cosmetic procedures), I was filled with overwhelming joy and excitement about the femininity that I was seeing in my appearance. Along with this, a sense of empowerment and strength came into my attitude, conversation, and walk. The saying “Women have POWER” became clear and understood, but the question arose, power in what? Just the ability to alluring the opposite sex. So as I embraced my journey into womanhood (at least the physical part), I found myself wanting more than just a great body and face. There was more to me than just that, so as I started viewing my body image in a different light and I decided to work on my imaging from the inside out and become more than just my body, I chose to become something that intrigued the mind and left a more substantial impact in people’s lives. It began to matter what I was putting out and getting back in the universe. This opened me up to start paying attention to my Image from different views, such as my appearance and how I come across in my style of dress as well as what I eat and drink because now I wanted to live and enjoy life to its fullest as I realized with my aging into life, weight doesn’t leave as quickly as it once did so I began a healthier eating habit, removing red meats and adding more fruit and vegetables with some exercise (which I’m not doing on a regular), but I began to understand that this is my one and only body. I’m in control of it and I must take care of it with proper sleep, exercise, and eating so that I can enjoy life many more decades to come. I also began to embrace the attitude I am more than my body, and I want more than what appearance brings me in life, love and happiness.

So Enjoy You, Empower You, and Love You from the Inside and Out….

– Samantha Jo


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