Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Aiden Quinn

Today’s story comes to us from 28 year old FTM, Aiden Quinn.

Body Image has been an issue for me since I was a kid. Even as a child I remember when strangers were “misgendering” me, I was elated. Then typically whomever I was with would correct them. That is when I started making the connection that I was someone other than what my body was reflecting. This brought a great deal of discomfort when I realized people were treating me differently because of how they saw me. That discomfort has also been echoed with my drive for fitness.

Being a larger guy, I got used to low levels of activity. Whenever I did want to pursue physical activity, I would get really embarrassed by my appearance. Either I was sweating to much or turning red from the effort. I thought people would judge my inexperience. I allowed that fear to stop me from being me for a long time.

Eventually the pain got great enough… the pain of being seen as a woman, the pain of being morbidly obese. It hurt more to be in the wrong body than it did to do anything possible to change it. I’m so grateful for that pain and the place that it brought me to. It allowed me to become who I am today, me.

– Aiden Quinn, Quincy, MA


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