Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Jesse Wilson

Today’s post for Allies Week is from Jesse Wilson, personal trainer at Ignite Fitness Development. Jesse shares his journey with body image and how it led him to his career.

Body image for me was never really a big priority. Correspondingly, ever since I was young, my body image was nothing I considered respectable. I always was very skinny and never thought of my body as being an asset or something to have dignity around. This only intensified as I became older and seemingly more skinny. I never really prioritized exercise and proper nutrition as a means to change my body, and instead I would really only just feel bad about the body that I was given.

As I became more and more knowledgeable and begin education in exercise and nutrition, I really began to apply the principles I was learning as a means to fill the void that was left when I stopped a lot of negative behavior. Instead, I used exercise and nutrition as a supplemental positive behavior. Lo and behold, in the process of doing this my body began to change, and the longer I kept this up the more it changed.

Once I decided that being a personal trainer was the career for me, my body changed even more as my level of experience and wisdom grew exponentially with continuing education and more and more practice. As this happened, my body image became something it had never been before; my body was indeed now an asset and something that I had a lot of pride and dignity about. As I continued down my path in I life, I eventually became a competitive bodybuilder, and body image took on a whole new meaning for me.

It had never been my intent in life to have a body like the one I do today. It is merely just a product of the journey I have been on through life in changing for the better. My body image has constantly improved, and I now no longer even really think of my body as anything more than a further means to take care of myself. As a true professional in the fitness and training field, I now think of my body as an advertisement for what I can help my clients achieve in their own ways, in their own lives.

– Jesse Wilson, Personal Trainer


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