Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Kendra Hoyt

Today’s moving reflection on body image comes to us from Kendra Hoyt.

It was while I was pregnant that I found LOVE for my body. It was in those 41 weeks where I served as a vessel for life that I learned to truly LOVE my body. I’ve never been thin or what euro-American society considers sexy. I’ve always been curvaceous and what I imagine is ordinary looking. I also have had multiple knee and abdominal surgeries leaving me scarred, and what I have always considered to make me UGLY naked! I’ve hidden my body from myself and even from loved ones in my life along the way. And here, being pregnant, I was being asked to expose myself every time I visited the OBGYN. And as my belly grew with this precious life inside folks found themselves wanting to rub my belly, kiss my belly, and my even husband found himself hugging up around my belly very night bonding with the life inside me. And as she began to move about inside me letting me know she was there, I was reminded just how beautiful and sacred my body had become.

I gave birth 5 years ago, and I miss being pregnant. I think I miss it most because it was the only time in my life when I felt 100% positive of my beauty and my purpose. I am still on a journey for self-love of my body and so it is all a work in progress. I am a 40-something year old woman who has had 9 surgeries (including a C-section to deliver my baby), I am still very much a curvaceous woman who is considered “obese” by medical professionals and “thick” by many others, and lastly I live with Multiple Sclerosis so I never know what to expect from my body’s movement, strength or coordination. What I do know is that I love ME and I have power to create change both on the inside and on the outside of me!

– Kendra Hoyt


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