Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Nick Wood

Today’s story on body image and fitness is by Nick Wood.

My image of my body, my self, has changed along with the various choices I have made in my life. I consider my body to be a work in progress. I am about 20 lbs. overweight. I haven’t bought new clothes for some time now because I have a goal to lose the extra 20 lbs. I definitely do not walk as confidently as often as I should. I feel that my body is not a true representation of the person I feel I am.

I often avoid certain social situations because I feel uncomfortable with my body presentation. I want to have a much more physically fit body. I recently started going to the gym and have been feeling a little better afterwards. Still, I think what is contributing overall to my positive image of my body is my poor nutrition. I am currently doing research to try and improve not only my physical presentation but overall health as well.

– Nick Wood


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