Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Charlene Arcila

Today’s post comes to us from Charlene Arcila, a trans-identified female and Prevention Specialist in the Philadelphia, PA area.

I’m the visionary and founder, and served in the Chair position for the first Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference that was held for 1 day. Now it’s a 3-day conference. I also served as one of the Co-chairs in later years.

As for body image and sensual touch, I am just beginning to embark on these subjects as I am currently involved with an affirming male. I find that with sensual touch, it’s in the communication and foreplay that the true excitement begins to escalate.

When it comes to body imaging, it’s more mental to me than physical. A good friend of mine, Dr. Walter Bockting, did workshops on Renaming and Reclaiming Your Body. I have learned to rename my genitals to match the gender identity that I identify as, which is that of a woman of Trans-experience. It has made me able to enjoy my sexual pleasures as such.

– Charlene Arcila


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