Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Armani

Today’s reflection on body image was contributed by Armani.

Body image to me has a very long rollercoaster history. Since before I started transitioning, I’ve ALWAYS been super slim, genetically, I’m predisposed to it but I grew up being picked on because of it. I never really had the platform to complain or even get the proper support whenever I tried to gain weight because in American society almost EVERYONE is having the OPPOSITE issue. People would tell me how much they envy my metabolism and size so I stopped talking about it out loud for a while.

Still, now at the age of 25, almost 3 years since my first T-shot and after getting engaged, I find myself staring in the mirror trying to make sure my elbows don’t stick out when I stretch my arms or my ribs don’t show when I hop out of the shower. It doesn’t help that I’m the skinniest guy my fiance has ever been with. I am always self-conscious of my body. BUT BUT BUT Right now, I’ve decided to learn how to love myself as I am while trying to IMPROVE my diet and physical activity. At this point, it’s not about how I LOOK to others; I’m more concerned about how I FEEL IN the body that I was given.


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