Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Alphie McQueen

Today’s reflection comes to us from Alphie McQueen.

We all were created differently. Some of us are short, tall, petite, plus size, or just a bit of “junk in the trunk.” These characteristics are what make us beautiful. So why not embrace them?

Body image is important to me because it gives me that extra boost of confidence I need. My body is very versatile, meaning it can be portrayed as masculine as well as feminine. I have received modeling jobs and casting calls because of my body. Now I must admit, it takes hard work and dedication. Eating right, exercise, and skin care are daily regimens for me. But it pays off. I take every comment, and take it as a complement. I walk outside with my head held high. I see myself as a star, and remember that we’re all created in God’s image.

In closing, Love the way God made you. If you don’t like the way you look, improve it.

– Alphie Travis McQueen