Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Byron Salter

Today’s reflection comes to us from Byron Salter.

I have never been content with my body. With a huge weight gain in high school due to depression, I was always teased and picked on. My self esteem suffered and my mental state worsened. My physical appearance affected my inner appearance, which affected my entire life. It didn’t change until I found the inner strength to fight. I was fighting to save my life…. to save my soul. Other people’s opinions about me no longer had control over me. I looked in the mirror and decided it was time to make a change.

A dream became an idea. That idea became my reality, and the more I sculpted my physique, my inner beauty began to shine through. My mental state became stronger, and I was ready to take back my life. And by taking back my life, I was able to verbalize and live “my truth”. With my flaws and everything else that creates the very being known as Byron, I won the greatest fight…. and that is within.

– Byron Salter


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