Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Tavon Diggs

Today’s reflection comes to us from Tavon Diggs.

Good day all! I am Tavon, and I am certainly one who is very serious about my personal image. My body means everything to me. I enjoy feeling strong, I enjoy how clothes fit me, and certainly the attention I receive from the hard work I put into my body. Lifting weights and general exercise are also a tension release for me. My whole entire world is right after I have had an awesome session at the gym. The only time I am ever out of the gym is when I have injured myself. Other than that, I am at the gym consistently, or I am at home breaking a sweat there. My body image keeps me motivated. Looking in the mirror after a great work out sends a crazy amount of pump into my day! I feel unstoppable in the gym and especially after seeing results. To have a great body is my passion!


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