Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Vann Michael

Today’s poetic reflection on body image and gender comes to us from Vann Michael (O.N.E.I.)


I AM an Ageless Image

So when You birthed me

You could not imagine this

An Ageless Image

An external U tur (n) Us with internal Testi-calls

Physically and/or mentally

We are Revered Sacred at festivals

Divinity of Universal Mind

So i- IdentIfy- as male or female to satisfy

Those encased in jail sitting on gender ice

At times i mutate so my soul can take flight

I AM an Ageless Image

Surpassing nipples that ripple and rip apart my cosmic dreams.

Soaring by scrotum impressions, triggering unwanted aggression onto Kings and Queens.

Bypassing apples, bitten lips that don’t speak my language

i, then unknowing, have anguish ‘til i came to, know there is no limit. i have no image.

I AM Thee Ageless Image

We take it back to basics, the line of scrimmage

These lines will hemorrhage every illusion constructed, clearing eyesight obstructed

Our images will challenge every non-Universal institution that says I AM not!

Remind All who forgot!

I will shape shift and shatter your scientific dogma, rhetoric & societal definitions-



By O.N.E.I. © 2013


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