Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Mister Cris

Today’s story of a journey to better health through improved body image and self-esteem comes to us from Mister Cris.


My name is Cris. Many people know me as Mister Cris. I am a Jamaican-American man with a unique medical history. I don’t often discuss my medical history because of how it has affected my negative feelings when it comes to body image. I have learned to love my body more and more as time passes in all it’s uniqueness.

For far too long, I neglected and abused my body through poor eating, lack of exercise and not protecting it. I learned that those behaviors stemmed from a lack of self love and feelings of not being beautiful enough and worthy. I have learned to be good to my body and love it regardless of the scars, lots of hair, and even the roundness of it. Though I have taken steps to medically modify my body, I realized that I had to love my body and myself no matter what because no one’s body is perfect.

I have gone through a physical and mental journey to get to the place I am today where I no longer feel shame in relation to my body and its quirks. I do have some days where I still struggle, but those days are becoming fewer and far between. My body may not be like the next man’s body or seen as “ideal” but it’s mine and it’s beautiful. Today I show more love to myself by eating better, exercising, and taking my overall health seriously through preventative care. I have found that these things make me feel more powerful. I also no longer seek to meet other people’s standards for what would make my body beautiful because all that matters is that I love me inside and out. I feel that doing that has allowed me to find more wholeness than any medicine or surgery could ever provide.


One thought on “Love Ourselves, Love Our Bodies: Mister Cris

  1. Mister Cris,

    We met at the Mazzoni Transhealth Conference and I would like to speak to you. I am the person you spoke to at the Cigna table with your friend Ron.

    Please email me when you get a chance.


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