Locker Room Stories: Trans Athletes Speak Out

BodyImage4Justice is pleased to announce a new campaign focusing on the experiences of trans athletes. Locker Room Stories features our experiences, told in our own words, about competing in team and individual sports, training, and other aspects of trans athletics.

We invite athletes in all sports, of all ages, in any stage of transition, and at all levels–from shooting hoops in the local park to regular competition in organized individual and team sports–to contribute your thoughts and experiences of playing sports. Pieces by genderqueer, gender-fluid, neutrois, metagender, and other non-cisgender people are also welcome! Please send your story to us at the address below, along with a photograph of yourself and a brief biographical statement. Contributions can be up to 700 words long, and may be edited for length and grammar before publishing. Filmmakers and vloggers are welcome to submit short videos (5 minutes or less) and a brief biographical statement. We especially invite trans women to participate in this campaign.

Please submit your story or video via e-mail at Also, please help us spread the word about this campaign to others who may be interested in contributing their stories–we want to include as many diverse voices as possible!


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