Gym Scholarship Program

BodyImage4Justice’s Gym Scholarship Program for low-income transgender and genderqueer people in the Boston, MA area is designed to support our community members in achieving their health, fitness, and body image goals by providing financial assistance towards gym membership and consultations with a personal trainer. Currently, this program is only available for memberships at Mike’s Fitness in Jamaica Plain, but we will investigate working with other Boston area gyms upon request to assist qualified applicants who are unable to get to Mike’s Fitness on a regular basis.

This program awards gym memberships on a month-by-month basis. At the end of each month, scholarship recipients will meet with BI4J Executive Director Justice Roe Williams to review their progress and determine if they will continue in the program. Continued participation is based on gym and training session attendance and progress toward fitness and health goals, as well as the availability of program funds to support ongoing gym membership.

Interested members of the Boston area trans/genderqueer community can download an application form by clicking this link (PDF) and print out the form to complete and mail in, or fill out an online version of the form by clicking this link. Please complete this form fully. Any missing information may delay or disqualify your application. Feel free to use additional pages to answer questions, and to provide additional information to support your application by e-mail or postal mail.

For more information, or if you have questions about the Gym Scholarship Program or the application process, please contact us at


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